Testing on Simulators


I’ve been doling out advice on how to use Ceedling to unit test on various simulators for years now… and I’ve gotten Ceedling ported to a dozen different toolchains myself… but this advice often turns into generic “shoulds” and “woulds” instead of concrete examples. I’d like to change that.

In addition to publishing my own custom ports to various toolchains, I’d appreciate anyone who can forward their own project yaml files, support files, and notes for using various targets, simulators, etc. My plan is to collect them into a central repository that can be accessed by anyone… and (of course) I would love to share credit with you if you wish!

If you have any such projects, no matter if they are the start of a port, fully working, or cleanly polished, I’d really appreciate your contribution. You can send them to me directly via email at mvandervoord@gmail.com, or we can arrange something else if you would prefer.

Thanks for the help! You’ll be making future users very happy!

Mark VanderVoord

I'm an embedded software developer, as well as a developer of tools to develop embedded software better.